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As industry-leading networking specialists, Vignaharta has a deep understanding of business IT systems beyond just computing. As the industry has evolved, we have expanded our service offerings and invested a considerable amount of time into developing specialist skills in network-based IP CCTV systems, VoIP telephony and internet connectivity using both local hardware and cloud technology. As well as bringing your company into the 21st century with the incredible capabilities of these IT-based technologies, we will ensure that each and every service is integrated, connecting your computer, CCTV and telephony systems and allowing for faster, more reliable functionality.

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Specialists in Networking

The Vignaharta team may all come from a variety of different backgrounds, but there is one thing that links them–a commitment to providing the India’s best service for business IT systems and support. Before Vignaharta’s inception in 2009, its founding members spent many years perfecting their craft in the IT industry. However, the one thing they always found lacking from those around them was a genuine passion and enthusiasm for the work they were doing. Out of this frustration the India’s premier IT networking company was born. Vignaharta’s success would have been unsure had it not have been for the company’s dedication to supplying quality products, employing expert engineers, as well as an unparalleled desire to deliver outstanding customer service. Although many companies in the industry have fallen before and since, Vignaharta has remained steadfast in their ability to deliver above and beyond what is expected.his page. Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide wide range of services. Our mission is to provide best...
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Vignaharta Adapts to Your Needs

Vignaharta has the capability and the knowhow to help businesses at any level. For example, we actively support a local Restaurant business that runs just two computers in order to deal with accounts and ordering. However, we also have a contract with a large multisite organization, which initially required us to install a multifunction IP CCTV and computer system with secure CCTV feeds. These feeds can be viewed in real time by their Superiors @ their Head Quater who may be as far away as 2000 Kms.
In both cases, Vignaharta supplied all required Hardware to each sites, installed all structured data cabling, cameras, and computer networking hardware, in addition to installing and configuring the entire system. This initial service was then followed up with in-depth training and still ongoing support to make sure even the smallest issue is solved as quickly and efficiently as possible.


This level of attention to detail and commitment to our projects is reflected throughout all of our work. If you’re a small business in India who needs an update or overhaul of your current IT system, Vignaharta are here to help.
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