Code Blue:Emergency Alert

All the institutes as well as a commercial or housing society may use an Emergency alert solution to ensure they can deal with the occurred crisis immediately and effectively. The Code Blue solution brought is one of as such effective and proven emergency alert solution.

We provide the Code Blue: Emergency Alert Solution along with the required configurations in a way that whenever an emergency occurred, within a few clicks, relevant group of people can be informed about the crisis so they can start the rescue operation.

An emergency can occur any time and it has to be dealt on immediate basis.

Benefits of Code Blue: Emergency Alert Solutions:

  • Quickly inform a group of concerned people about the crisis with a single step.
  • Get details of locations and emergency to be handled quickly so relevant rescue steps can be taken.
  • An automated system to take manual action, in case of a technical glitch on the concerned person end.
  • Get detailed logs and automated reports as and when required.
  • Configure as many emergency code as required based on the alerts you need to create.
  • And many more