Missed Call Solutions

A very unique and easiest form to reach your customers is nothing but Missed Call Solution!!! Nowadays a Missed Call is an innovative solution to engage users in various activities. Across the world, among the mobile users, a Missed call has been a common methodology and a widely accepted tool to send signals to other users.

Missed call is popular among masses because it is free for the caller. Everybody likes “freebies”; a Missed Call is such a freebie that everybody loves and uses it to exchange message/information.

The Missed Call Solution is completely automated web based platform that enables you to create business lead, feedback, voting campaigns, awareness campaigns, etc.

Benefits of the Missed Call Solution:

  • The customer/caller is not charged for the missed call.
  • It is user-friendly as it is based on dialing and not typing.
  • It is easy to know the status of missed call instantly in contrast to SMS whose delivery report may take some time to display.
  • The missed calls solution can be used by mobile users and also landline owners.
  • It is quick compared to SMS.
  • Being an interactive medium, it is capable of bringing phenomenal results
  • No extra infrastructure required at your end.
  • Works 24/7