Softswitch Solutions

It is a complete solution for any telecom company want to provide residential, business and wholesale voice over IP, calling card services, call-back and DID (telephone number) resale.

It is a class 4 and/or class 5 softSWITCH developed for an intelligent billing mechanism with detailed logging of wholesale and individual VoIP services, calling cards and similar services. It can be used with other third party software and/or application to improve ROI of your VoIP business. The utilities of SoftSWITCH are listed below :

Termination and Origination

It supports origination and termination using a variety of technologies such as VoIP, PSTN (PRI, BRI and analogue circuits) and GSM gateways.

Revenue Management

It has a number of payment methods including online payment processors including PayPal, as well as manual payment and top-ups using vouchers via an IVR or the customer portal with full accounting and reporting.

Sales and Marketing

It supports commission agents allowing online signup and affiliate marketing, as well automated signup via a simple telephone call providing easy customer acquisition.

Softswitch Architecture

The architecture consists of a database server, Asterisk telephony server and a web server for administrator, agent, customer and online sign-up. Usually these servers are hosted on the same physical hardware but, can be distributed across multiple servers to increase the capacity. A SIP proxy Kamailio is added to load balance calls across multiple Asterisk servers and assist with NAT traversal.